Image Guidelines

The quality of the image you provide to us is the most important factor in producing an incredible portrait back to you. Follow these four quick tips for a perfect pic:

  • Take or choose a photo that is taken in daylight and with ample ambient light - bonus points for outdoor pics.
  • Take a picture from up close: close-ups allow us to include all of the details and features that make your pet unique.
  • Make sure our top models are looking directly at the camera, at eye-level and facing forward.
  • Make sure we can see the pet’s whole face and neck.
  • Not quite

    - Low lighting
    - Picture taken at an angle

  • Almost there

    - Picture taken at an angle
    - Face not entirely visible due to excess cuteness; some shadows

  • That’s it!

    - Picture taken at eye-level
    - Perfect lighting
    - Face and neck are fully visible