custom portrait of a pet that can be the perfect dog mom gift

Dog Mom Gifts: 9 Special Treats For The Dog Mom in Your Life


Let’s start by stating the obvious: stereotyping people based on superficial observations is no way to get to know someone… But if the label is "dog mom", do we even care? The shared traits amongst the most friendly, caring group of people usually sound nothing but awesome! It's just a term to identify a female that believes her pets are “fur babies” - and they don’t just live with a dog, they think of them as members of their immediate cross-species blood-related family, nurturing their little pups almost like they're human.

To dog moms their pup is far more than a pet and they’re proud to admit it. What could be better than a best friend who will lick away your tears, make you laugh all day and snuggle with you all night? So much time, love, energy is put into their sweet pals year-round... Did you see that full cart in the pet aisle at Target? I know, these women would do anything to make their pet's lives more comfortable. And now seems like the perfect time to acknowledge the strong, independent fur mamas in your life.

Being a dog mom also means planning your day-to-day life around your four-legged companion’s schedule. That means coming home at a certain time, making sure he’s well-fed and taking him on daily adventures. But as you know, all of these dog mom tasks are more of a privilege than a chore, because being a pet owner to the best pooch in the world is priceless. 

We all know dog moms are pretty good at taking care of their furry friend so they got their babies covered and that might not leave a lot of room for the dog-gifting department, but whether you’re shopping for a birthday, or other special date, we’ve got some fun and original ideas to also please and treat her. Yes, you should get her more than a pet hair remover, no matter how badly she needs one! Show her how much she's loved and treat the best dog moms in your life with these gifts:


  1. Portraits: What better gift for a mom who loves her dogs than a custom pet portrait she'll treasure forever?
custom portrait that can be a perfect dog mom gift



2. Custom pet mugs: Nothing like sipping on your morning coffee in your dog mom mug and snuggling up with your fur child.

personalized mugs that can be perfect dog mom gifts


3. Dog mom hat: a variety of them are available, ranging from bohemian sunflower prints to modern, solid-color designs.

personalized hat can be a perfect dog mom gift

 4. Scented candles: light something sweet or floral to match the cozy feeling of having your doggo home with you.


scented candles that can be perfect dog mom gifts


Spoiling a diehard dog mom sometimes means spoiling her dog, and trust us, she will feel seen - nothing beats “just because” presents. Not only the fur baby gets to enjoy this experience, but it can be oddly enjoyable giving your puppy presents just as much. There are a variety of unique ideas to choose from , and if the dog mom in your life is truly devoted to her beloved pet, you can even find some matching dog and human gifts sure to tickle her fancy:

 5. Matching shirts: does it get more adorable than mom and her furbaby matching loungewear?

matching hoodies can be the perfect dog mom gift


6. Bracelet and collar: a pendant is not only a very delicate gift but it can get even more meaningful if it's on a dog's and also their mama's neck!

matching bracelets can be the perfect dog mom gift

7. Personalized backpack: if leaving your dog never gets easy, here's a custom vegan leather bag you can take with your baby's stuff for your daily walks and trips.

personalized backpack that can be the perfect dog mom gift

 8. Dog bandana: nothing funnier than your dog rocking some sassy sayings on his neck at the daily walk.

dog bandanas can be the perfect dog mom gift

9. Front clip harness: if your buddy is a puller it encourages him to walk by your side instead of in front of you.

a front clip harness that can be the perfect dog mom gift


The doggos are always a priority and for their owners even on the weekends most plans include them, because nothing beats adventuring with a four-legged friend. Dog parks, hikes, beaches and camping! The main goal is to never miss an opportunity to bring the pup along. Mamas talk to their dogs as if they were people, someone that sure doesn’t speak “human,” but he will listen! Although he can’t understand most words, he can definitely feel all that love.

Let them know they're loved 

Dog moms usually talk about how grateful they are for their companions, but it's time we also tell them how lucky we are to have this essential part of our lives, that may be neighbors, co-workers, a 12 -year-old or the elderly lady in church. Today they may be celebrating their 'gotcha day' or they might be grieving the loss of their best friend. One way or another, it's important we show them some love and support through these experiences.


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