Dog Collar Memorial Ideas

longing pet parent wonders about dog collar memorial ideas


Our pets are our best friends and all-time companions - they become an integral part of our lives to the point it's just really hard to picture life without them. Unfortunately, for most of us, the day we're saying goodbye can happen way sooner than expected and leave us with a heavy heart.

It's usual to feel like after going through such a difficult experience you need to honor them in death, as you would any close friend or family member. After their passing, you may then ask yourself about some thoughtful dog collar memorial ideas. Here are seven great ideas to commemorate their memory:


Turn it into a rainbow bridge wind chime


Whether it's by your window or a porch, every time the wind blows and the breeze moves the aluminum tubes throughout the day, the beautiful soothing sound will make you remember the happy moments you had together 


a wind chime that can be the perfect dog collar memorial idea


Preserve it in a shiny resin pyramid.

The actual shape doesn't matter - that can be done like a DIY or ordered from a professional artist, it's up to you to make it crystalline or colorful and glittery with little flashlights glowing up your room - it'd be the sweetest decoration thoughtfully designed to bring comfort at bedtime.


a colorful resin pyramid that could be the perfect dog collar memorial idea


Turn their collar into a bracelet 

To keep these memories and part of your dog close to you at all times, you can turn their collar into a bracelet using the tag attached to a delicate chain or even use the whole band to create something that you can wear on your wrist every day, adding on an engraved pendant to the design.


a dog collar bracelet is the perfect dog collar memorial idea

Purchase a shadow box

Another creative way to cherish a special bond that will not be broken is a shadow box with the collar and maybe some of your dog's dearest belongings, like one of his toys, his favorite ball, or even some object he innocently brought you after a walk. More than remind you of him, it will surely inspire healing and positivity.


a shadow box with pet items can be the perfect dog collar memorial idea


Get their memorial a scented candle

To incorporate a collar and tag into an adorable remembrance item, you could wrap it around a thick scented or even a safe LED candle - just punch some extra holes and cut it short enough to involve the glasses circumference and there you go, it's ready to help create a cozy invigorating environment.


a scented candle with a dog's collar wapped around it can be the perfect dog collar memorial idea

Arrange an outdoor memorial

Arranging an outdoor memorial can not only integrate your buddy's collar into another meaningful set of tributes, like a garden stone or a special tree grown with their ashes but also enlighten your backyard or rescue a specific area of your house from oblivion with the help of your beloved pet's memory.


a dog grave stone can a good dog memorial idea

Get your pet's custom portrait on a mug or a frame

Many owners feel the need for a visual memento of their pet, something they can look at or even utilize every day. In this case, personalized mugs or custom pet portraits will do the trick. They’re hand-drawn and can be hung on your best friend’s favorite spot in the house, so it's kinda like having a reminder he's somewhere looking after you.


custom mugs that can be the perfect dog memorial ideaa personalized pet portrait that can be the perfect dog memorial idea 


Remember grieving is a process

These items are some good ideas to help you demonstrate your feelings for your deceased companion, but it's indispensable to remember how important is to go through the grieving process that will lead you to actual healing, after all, nothing is ever going to fully prepare you for the moment of letting your best friend go when it happens.


Whether they go for an illness or old age it's frequently unexpected and overwhelming, but as in tough times it's always best to have a plan, there are a few things that will make the process of dealing with your pet's belongings (and possibly their remains) in a logistically easier way that saves you from distress.


What to do when your dog passes

First of all, in case you intend to organize a proper burial you should get your dog's tag and collar from him as well as his favorite belongings like a blank or a stuffed animal that should be special for you, and in case it's not, don't hesitate to donate it or throw the unnecessary objects away.


This specific tip may sound rough but it's as simple as it sounds: if you don't plan on spreading your deceased friend's ashes in a special place or memorializing it by making them into some piece of art, do not keep them, especially because the quantity of tributes you pay or how much money you can spend on them doesn't define how much you loved them. The same goes for taking care of their body.


Make sure you kept all the information you had about your deceased pet if he happened to have an implanted microchip when it's time to reinform the responsible company on the current status of the animal - and here's the thing, not only businesses are ready to help you through all of this but also people. Seek help if you need it.


Losing a furry friend is painful and feeling lost is more than natural and pretty much an instinctual part of the mourning process, so when a pet passes is normal to ask yourself how to properly honor their memory, how to finally say goodbye to a little being that felt like your own family.


Don't blame yourself. This is a common feeling that tutors can feel after their departure. "I could have done more"; "I should have gone to the vet sooner" and other thoughts of guilt may appear. Don't let that take over your mind.


Recognize grief - this is the first step. Allow feelings of sadness and anguish to happen, do not try to repress or invalidate them. Grief is real, and it happens in different ways and intensity for one. And the time of mourning can also vary from person to person. Months, even years. Respect your time.


A ritual can help us better work out the loss and give a sense of closure. It could be anything that makes sense to you. You could plant a tree in your backyard or even light a candle thanking your God for the opportunity to have an angel in your life.


A memorial would be able to express condolences and bring comfort to everyone who knew your dog beyond words. That can be made with the help of specialized services in backyard burials, but a simple ceremony can also show your appreciation for all the beautiful memories that you shared and will not be forgotten

Get help if you feel like you need to

Owners often have the hardest time grieving over the loss of their faithful companion. The deep sense of loss that affects us when we lose our pet is aggravated when we deal with the lack of understanding of those who see them more as property than as living beings, but we know that they are irreplaceable and it makes everything way harder.


It's important to take your time and embrace your feelings - putting them into words may ring so true that'll help start healing your heart and mind, providing some comfort. And if maybe it's not enough just know you're not alone in your struggle, you can share not only by writing but by reaching out to those you feel safe next to.


hands supporting a friend that needs dog collar memorial ideas


Inviting some family members or close friends who knew your pet to get dinner together is also a good way to develop acceptance. Reminiscing about habits, and personality traits, sharing funny things, good memories, and special moments as a remembrance that even then your furbaby will always be in your heart.


A more unconventional way to get back on track is keeping on with your pet's favorite activities in their memory, like going on a hike or riding a bicycle. If it gets too overwhelming to be by yourself consider reflecting on offering donations related to pastimes your dog would love, like providing a local animal shelter with a bucket of tennis balls or cute blankets for the winter season.


They never leave us 

Working on your mental health is key to overcoming a dark moment, and you sure can find bereavement support through local veterinarians or even rescue online groups. It's never too much when you're trying for a good reason, which is maintaining your mind in the right place and a good spirit. Remember to be brave and keep your chin up exactly how your best friend would want.


We know that life needs to go on, even if longing remains. Try to return to routine, especially work and physical activity. Our friend who is gone won't be forgotten, but we must continue life, take care of those who stay and ourselves. Whatever you chose to do, never forget your pup played an important part in your life, and he'll never be truly gone as long as you carry him in your heart.

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